What is a tablet PC ?

30 Dec

A tablet pc is a form ofnotebook laptopwhich has anLCDscreen on which the user can be able to write by using a particular-intent pen, orstylus. The handwriting is digitized and is often converted to regular text throughhandwriting recognition, or it might remain as handwritten text. The stylus also can be accustomed to variety over a pen-dependent critical layout exactly where the lettered keys are arranged in a different way than aQWERTYkeyboard. Pill PCs also ordinarily possess akeyboardand/or maybe amousefor input.

The pill COMPUTER relies onelectronic inktechnological innovation, where adigitizeris laid less than or above an LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY monitor to build an electromagnetic discipline that may capture the movement in the exclusive-intent pen and file the movement around the LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY screen. The effect is like composing on newspaper with liquid ink.